In 2018 there are SO many phony, pretend entrepreneurs on YouTube and other social networks, it makes me sick. Even influencers with big followings like Tai Lopez or Grant Cardone…

I don’t have anything against their business model (selling information products) I just hate how they pretend that making money is SO easy. In reality, it’s very difficult to be a successful entrepreneur.

Here’s my favorite 7 YouTube Channels ALL entrepreneurs should follow!


  1. Madcam Publishing

This account is done by Brian Brewer. I don’t know Brian personally, but I absolutely love his videos. He has a solid subscriber base of 56k followers, but my favorite part is how real his content is…

He provides practical, honest strategies to generate free traffic via several sources. He’s talked about how to get free traffic like I’ve never heard before… He definitely knows his stuff!

He has talked about how to generate traffic via Facebook Groups, Udemy, and even YouTube… all of which is free to use.

Here’s a link to Madcam Publishing! If you’re looking to generate free traffic (who isn’t?) and are willing to get in front of a camera, Brian has great content for you!


  1. Ask Gary Vee

The Ask Gary Vee show is one of my favorite Q&A resources on YouTube. Gary Vee (if you don’t know him, he’s a serial entrepreneur & founder of Vayner Media) has always appeared to me as an honest and real guy. I have a pretty good B.S. detecter and Gary Vee has always passed!

On The Ask Gary Vee show, Gary and his team of Vayner Media employees respond to questions Gary receives via Twitter… They’re honestly really great questions!

People ask Gary questions from how to start a certain kind of business to marketing techniques to even some personal life advice…. I don’t know why, but Gary has always shown that he “gets it” … whatever the hell that means.

I love Gary Vee and have always seen a lot of similar qualities in myself. He tells a story of how when he was a child, he would steal his mother’s and neighbors flowers, then go sell them to his other neighbors… Hah! Sounds like me.

I asked for a deep fryer for my 8th birthday, so I could fry french fries and sell them… I always wanted to sell something!

Gary is a good guy and if you have any business questions and are looking for a quick response, check out his account! -> Ask Gary Vee Show.


  1. Evan Carmichael

I love Evan Carmichael and everything he’s about. Evan compiles interviews of successful people and shares them. People from entrepreneurs to athletes and more!

Evan has a philosophy that it’s best to learn from those that have already accomplished what you’re looking to accomplish (I agree!). So that’s why he created the account. He appears to be VERY genuine, honestly almost too genuine. I feel there are times he could sell his audience something more often, but he chooses not to, which I respect and appreciate.

His compilation videos have taught me a lot from people I would never have been able to learn from… Check out Evan’s video here!


  1. Valutainment

Valutainment, which is created and hosted by Patrick Bet David. Patrick Bet David is by far one of my favorite entrepreneurs out there. He was born and raised in Iran and has lived a life of straight hustle! His story has been such an inspiration!

He has really awesome guests on the show from Kevin Hart to Michael Franzese! (I still don’t understand how the channel can afford to pay those guests!)

His guests are great, but Patrick is the reason I continue to watch the channel time and time again.

If you want to learn about sales and general business, I’d listen to Valutainment. I believe that some of their content on business can be a little too general and not very specific. But when Patrick talks about his sales techniques and structures, it’s in detail and effective! He definitely has great content on how to sell your product or service!

Here’s a link to the Valutainment channel.



  1. The Honest Entrepreneur

I figured what better way to promote my new YouTube channel than to include it in this list? Hah, this is a joke!

However, I am proud of my content and hope you check out my channel. I have decided to take the high road and create honest content, I’m not just going to try to sell you some course for $497… Could I? For sure! But, I want to build trust and show that I’m an honest entrepreneur that has been in this space for seven going on eight years!

Do I know as much as Gary Vee or Patrick Bet David? Almost for sure not! But I’m learning and sharing what I know now.

Please check my blog here and account out and make sure to subscribe, thank you!


  1. King Human

Oh.. King Human. I have been watching him since I was 10 years old (laughing emoji)

If it wasn’t for King Human, I’m not sure I ever would’ve started my first REAL business, the erase case at age 14. That’s the honest to god truth.

When I started my first business I was seeing VERY slow growth. A couple of online sales, a few wholesale orders too, but nothing to ride home about. I sent King Human (along with several others) messages about my story and business. King Human actually made an entire video about me, which led to several sales and wholesale orders. Here’s the video if anyone wants a laugh! If he never would’ve posted this video, I know I wouldn’t be here today.

This was one of the biggest turning points in my life and it’s funny to think I owe it to someone I have never met. If I ever have the honor, to meet KH I’d love to buy him lunch and I’m sure it’ll be an unforgettable time. I’m still thinking of how I can repay KH… maybe when I eventually sell a business for a billion dollars I’ll buy him a car 😉

Thank you KH! Here’s his account.


  1. Neil Patel

Last but not least, Neil Patel. Neil Patel is an incredible entrepreneur and online marketer. He has taught me SO much on traffic generation, especially in the SEO department. I plan on using a lot of his tips to help rank this blog and YouTube account.

Besides being an awesome online marketer, Neil knows business. He has said in the past that his traffic generation content does best, but I honestly love his business videos too.

Neil just fucking knows how to make money! He has talked about things he has done in the past and things he does now and I love it all… AND it’s all realistic stuff. He’s not saying he went out raised X amount of money through VC and started some business that will never be profitable.

Neil starts PROFITABLE businesses without VC because of his traffic generation knowledge. If you want to learn how to drive traffic from SEO to Adwords to Facebook ads, listen to Neil.

What else is awesome about Neil Patel? He is a straight hustler! He’s really been an inspiration to myself on how to improve my work ethic. He owns three (probably more) businesses and still manages to create a TON of free content. He’s constantly posting on Quora, YouTube, and his blog. AND his content isn’t just B.S. fluff…

This is the difference between someone at Neil’s level and a Tai Lopez type influencer…

Please do yourself a favor and listen to Neil Patel. Here’s his YouTube and Blog. Neil, I hope this backlink to your blog helps


Ps: Extra Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the guy behind the Backlinko YouTube account. He specializes in SEO and is pretty awesome! I JUST started watching his videos, but after watching just a few videos, I can already tell you he knows his SEO stuff. For starters, his videos rank EXTREMELY well on really competitive keywords. 

I can tell you from what I’ve seen, he’s one of the best. Him and Neil Patel appear to be friends and it makes sense. They’re both THE best I’ve ever seen on SEO. Neil does more general traffic generation, while Brian Dean focuses on SEO.

Not only does Brian have incredible content on Google & YouTube SEO, he is very enthusiastic and engaging, which makes his videos fun to watch.

He has VERY concrete advice on how to rank better for keywords and I plan on listening to his content more consistently. He’s definitely worth listening to.

Here’s his YouTube account – Brian Dean – Backlinko.

These are my 7 favorite (plus one extra!) YouTube channels that EVERY entrepreneur should watch. Try to stay clear on the B.S. get rich quick accounts, they’re just a distraction.

Please put in the comments below your favorite business related YouTube channels!

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