Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? I’ve spent time with hundreds of millions and even three billionaires! Here are 5 qualities all successful entrepreneurs have…

Insane Enthusiasm and Optimism

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, it’s filled with SO many ups and SO many downs. One thing I’ve noticed that all successful entrepreneurs are great at is staying enthusiastic and optimistic, even in the worst of times.

Did you just lose a big client? Did a prospect just tell you to go F*#$ yourself?
Keep your head up and stay positive!

Negativity in business and life is a snowball… if you’re negative about how you feel, you WILL start to feel worse and more run down.

On the flip side, it’s the same with enthusiasm and positivity. If you force yourself to smile and be more enthusiastic, you WILL feel better!

The first quality all successful entrepreneurs have is they are enthusiastic as hell about their product or service! Be enthusiastic AND positive!

Keep your head up and stay positive!

Crazy Work Ethic

What time do you wake up? What time do you go to sleep? WTF are you doing between those two times??? Everyone from Bill Gates to your local hobo has 24 hours in a day… How are you using that time?

If you’re sleeping 12 hrs a day, playing videos games 5-6 hrs a day, eating 4 hrs a day, etc… you won’t have much time to accomplish anything productive!
My advice to improve your work ethic is to try to schedule everything out!

Sleep for 8 hours… I know you think ALL successful people only sleep 3 hours a night. And hey, maybe they do! But I can tell you from experience, you will most likely be more productive throughout the day if you get 7-8 good hours of sleep each night.

Try to excercise each or every other day. This will improve your mood and put your day off to a good start!

Work the standard 9 to 5… If you still currently have a job or you own a business, you have to work 9 to 5.

Work late nights! What’re you doing from 6 to 10 Monday through Friday? Are you working on your blog, YouTube or business? OR are you watching sports, hanging out, and relaxing??? I’m not saying either are right or wrong, but if you want to be UBER successful, you’ll have to dedicate an additional 3-4 hrs a night working on your craft!

I love spending time with friends and family, but IF you want to be extremely successful, you’ll need to focus on your time and work hard! Do you want to be a multi-millionaire? Why on Earth would that be easy?

The additional few hours every night and 5-6 hours every weekend, could make or break your business and craft. Work hard!
My advice to improve your work ethic is to try to schedule everything out!


Do you love to win? Do you cry when you lose? I am personally one of the most competitive people you’ll ever meet. I want to beat everyone in everything.
You might categorize me as a “sore loser” because I get SO upset when I lose in anything from basketball to weight lifting to business. But, I consider myself a competitor.

I get upset when I lose, because I want to WIN! Mark Cuban gets upset when the Dallas Mavericks lose, because he wants to WIN! If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be come competitive as hell and do ANYTHING to win!
In business, I literally ALMOST cry every time I lose. It makes me that upset. I can’t stand it and I think that’s perfectly fine.


One thing about business that most people don’t seem to understand is, it doesn’t matter how “smart” you are, how fancy your product is, or how much money you have… Sometimes success in business is only dependent upon you NEVER giving up!
Look at Elon Musk, Gary V, Mark Cuban, and so many more amazing entrepreneurs… They all have one thing in common, they NEVER gave up!

Business is one of the most competitive things out there! EVERYONE is trying to go after the same customers. Unless you’re selling something illegal, you’re going to have a difficult time initially to grow your business.

It takes serious time to build up your business from scratch. You are going to encounter assholes daily shutting down your concept or idea… It will require you to stand back time and time again after failure and failure…
If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be persistent!

They Love What They Do

Like I said above, business is competitive as hell and requires persistence to become successful. If you’re going into a market or niche that you’re not interested in your chances of success will decrease AND if you are successful, are you really going to have a fun time?
I have been some niches I hate and some I love. I can tell first hand, the money is irrelevant when you’re in a niche you don’t enjoy.

Not everything in business or life is fun, BUT when you become an entrepreneur you have the freedom to create ANY business you want.

Are you passionate in sports, weight lifting, skin care, or even business? Start training athletes, create a cosmetic line, or teach others business!
If you’re reading this, you most likely live in America… That being said, ANYTHING is possible for you! You can start any business in any niche… why not start something you love and are passionate about?

I’ve spent hundreds of hours with successful people and entrepreneurs and these are 5 traits successful entrepreneurs all have!

What traits do you think you need to start working on? Put below in the comments!

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